Parisian by birth, Arthur Seigneur grew up watching his father Jean-Luc create fine art engravings in what is one of the few accredited Grands Ateliers de France. At age 16, he enrolled at the Ecole la Bonne Graine – an esteemed furniture school in the 11th arrondissement established under the aegis of the Empress Eugénie in 1866 – to study carpentry. Later, he apprenticed to harpsichord maker Reinhard von Nagel, then master restorer Michel Germond.


Age 22, in 2012 Arthur relocated to New Orleans to take up a position as a cabinet make. While there, he refined his craft, developing a deft hand at straw marquetry – a centuries-old technique which has most notably been revived by Lison de Caunes, grand-daughter of renowned Art Déco designer André Groult. Upon returning to Paris, Arthur worked alongside de Caunes before moving to Australia in 2015.


From his atelier in the inner-Sydney suburb of Alexandria, Arthur Seigneur is introducing Australia to the rarefied art of marqueterie de paille – straw marquetry.